Feb. 12th, 2009

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I watched Joaquin Phoenix on YouTube this morning (thanks to a tip from Dad).  I absolutely loved it.  Throughout, I could only think of the late great Andy Kaufman.  What a pleasure.  I wonder if Andy's explanation of a desire to expand applies to Joaquin.  Ignore all of the conjecture and criticism of Phoenix and watch these two pieces together (not at the exact same time. Letterman is a master in both clips.  These guys couldn't have a better "straight man" than Dave.  First, Andy:
(Has anyone else ever taken up a collection on the Letterman show?)

and then Joaquin:

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  • 15:46 @WalkingwithHIM **Yay!** Georgia authorities cancelled a Levi's Call alert Wed pm finding a missing 1yo and his mother safe. #AmberAlert #
  • 15:55 3yo boy Dominick Arceneaux missing from Chidester, Arkansas Video Update: qik.com/video/1019814 #AmberAlert #
  • 16:08 @jbppvfc @jaymes @sarapereira @raelenet @mrsmommy2007 @CrimsonRaven @NealWiser Amber Alert re: 7yo is hoax see: tinyurl.com/atceb8 #
  • 07:54 What can you tell us about your days with the Unabomber? #
  • 08:14 @BodyByChocolate Thanks for the tip re:TweetDeck. I love it. :bit.ly/ILZwj #
  • 09:56 RT @leapingwoman: @nprpolitics: NAACP Marks 100 Years tinyurl.com/dftggr (happy birthday NAACP!) #
  • 10:10 Who says politicians don't have a sense of humor: "Crisis.Urgent.My son's iphone quit working.World coming to end." bit.ly/c1axc #
  • 10:42 @BodyByChocolate re: ping.fm OMG! I have to go change my pants now. How did I not know about this before. I'm in heaven. #
  • 11:18 is loving that Andy Kaufman is alive and well twurl.nl/qg75qz #
  • 11:43 RT @bilericoproject: New on TBP: A Horrible Anniversary: Lawrence King Killed One Year Ago tinyurl.com/acucwk #
  • 12:20 @anibunny Amaretto Sours are the best! I keep thinking I like whiskey sours too, but it never quite tastes right. #
  • 15:03 @drnicomartini No official org tweeting, but any Amber Alert tweeted should include a link to source. Else assume false. #
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