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Do you spend time on the internet each day? Do you blog or submit comments to blogs? Do the things you read become topics of conversation later? Imagine if everyone was writing about, reading about and talking about poverty!

Tomorrow, Wednesday October 15th is Blog Action Day an annual nonprofit event that aims to unite all the bloggers, podcasters and videocasters to post about the same topic. This year's topic is POVERTY.

Join the discussion and post about poverty on your blog or on blogs you read. Give examples of things one person can do to help cut poverty in half by 2020. Share your example of a program that works, get one person to endorse, or help make poverty a priority in the elections. I'm in. Are you?


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I just voted for my favorite presidential candidate in a unique online poll of folks from California, Colorado, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin and Washington.

I thought you would be interested in participating as well.

Click below to vote:


Once you vote, you can see the results. It should be interesting to see who wins.

At this point in the race, I'm supporting John Edwards.  I liked Bill Richardson before he withdrew.  While Kucinich is the only real progressive in the race, I'll probably pull an intact "Frosty" out of the oven before he's elected.  I love Barack Obama and would love to see him as president, but I'm really liking the idea I heard the other day of getting 16 years of service from him as a VP pick now and the President in 2016.  I confess, I was a Clinton-disliker--on the issues I still am.  But her show of emotion the other day really did seem genuine to me--I liked it.  But it's not enough for me to support her.  She and my Senator Maria Cantwell just seem to be on the wrong side of too many issues for me.  They may be Democrats, but I have difficulty imagining they could be progressives.



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