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I don't usually put much stock in my dreams since I don't usually remember them. 

Last night I dreamed I was attending a college English class.  At the end of class a man entered the room and told us that anyone who was married didn't need to pay attention and announced that all unmarried students were invited to the auditorium where the current President, George W. Bush would be speaking.  Somehow I figured out that the President would be encouraging students to consider getting married.  I don't think I figured out how this was part of a dastardly right-wing scheme, I just assumed it was.

So I ran around to my fellow single and married coeds basically begging them to help me protest this government intrusion into our private lives.  I tried to convince them that the government, and especially the President, had no business trying to convince people they should get married. 

Nobody listened.  Now I think about the government-funded "Marriage is Healthy" campaign.  These are the billboards and classes put out by abstinence-champion Teen-Aid (headquartered right here in lovely Spokane).  I love the billboards.  I think they are an excellent marriage equality campaign.  We just need to swap out the pictures with same-sex couples. 

In other news, my three-year old daughter just announced, "I cooked my wedgie."
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Student Government...Open Government

An educational forum—Public invited

How Washington’s Open Government Laws affect

Student Governments at our public colleges and universities



Speakers:  Timothy D. Ford, Assistant Attorney General and Open Government Ombudsman for the State of Washington.

Donna McKereghan, Member of Washington Legislative Ethics Board and Author of Spokane’s Ethics Ordinance.

Steven J. Dixson, Media attorney with Witherspoon, Kelley, Davenport & Toole PS and volunteer attorney for the Student Press Law Center

 Wednesday, November 14, 2007


                        Building 14, Lecture Hall Room 116

                        Spokane Falls Community College

                        3410 Fort George Wright Drive

For more information, contact:  Joe Reilly, Lecture Programmer

SFCC Associated Student Government, 509-533-4193 prglectr@spokanefalls.edu



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