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I don't usually put much stock in my dreams since I don't usually remember them. 

Last night I dreamed I was attending a college English class.  At the end of class a man entered the room and told us that anyone who was married didn't need to pay attention and announced that all unmarried students were invited to the auditorium where the current President, George W. Bush would be speaking.  Somehow I figured out that the President would be encouraging students to consider getting married.  I don't think I figured out how this was part of a dastardly right-wing scheme, I just assumed it was.

So I ran around to my fellow single and married coeds basically begging them to help me protest this government intrusion into our private lives.  I tried to convince them that the government, and especially the President, had no business trying to convince people they should get married. 

Nobody listened.  Now I think about the government-funded "Marriage is Healthy" campaign.  These are the billboards and classes put out by abstinence-champion Teen-Aid (headquartered right here in lovely Spokane).  I love the billboards.  I think they are an excellent marriage equality campaign.  We just need to swap out the pictures with same-sex couples. 

In other news, my three-year old daughter just announced, "I cooked my wedgie."
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"How does my same-sex marriage hurt your marriage?"

Glenn Stanton, Focus on the Family's Director of Social Research and Cultural Affairs (I love that job title!) gave it a whirl and what he came up with is that while he doesn't have a problem with individual same-sex couples marrying, he worries that blanketly allowing same-sex marriage will cause his children to think they aren't a necessary component of marriage.  If his daughters see gay and bisexual men married to each other, they won't see the importance of a woman in a marriage and if his sons see lesbian and bisexual women married to each other, they won't feel they are needed in a marriage.

In reality, what he fears is that if his children see men married and women married, they might think being gay or bisexual is alright.  If his children see that being gay or bisexual is okay, they may want wait twenty years in fear and self-loathing to come out.  They might come out as kids or teenagers and embarrass him into leaving his job as a hatemonger.

And don't get me started about gender.  He claims same-sex marriage will dilute the importance of gender in his children's eyes.  Oh, the horror.  They might not learn that female is only a function of and corollary to male.  They might figure out that in the creation story, Adam and Eve were equally duped and equally punished by their God.  They might realize that when man wrote "man" in the bible, God meant him to write "people."  They might note that it was people their father who ensured that the Equal Rights Amendment to the United States Constitution was doomed.  And if gender is so important, why do they claim otherwise when it comes to the rights and dignity of transgender people?

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This was the love note I just added to the inside of a Hallmark "Thank You" card that Hallmark is printing and mailing for me to Hallmark's Head Person:

Dear Hallmark,

Yay!! Though you walk through through the valley of the shadow of right-wing yammering, you fear no bigotry.

For we are with you!
Our vocal support and our buying power thank you!

We support a progressive and equality-minded consumer environment in the sight of those who would boycott you.

We annoint you with queer and queer-friendly dollars and your profits exceed market expectations.

Thank you for choosing to do the right thing.  You didn't have to and now you've won the loyalty of millions.
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LGBT Marrige
Hallmark Cards, that epitome of middle-American normalcy is now offering Same Sex Marriage Cards, and the right wing is pissed!

They are rallying all their bigots and haters to make phone calls and send nasty letters telling Hallmark that from now on all the right wing nuts will be using their competitors products, because American Greeting Cards, does not offer cards for the LGBT Community, (Yet!!!).

Let's All Thank Hallmark
This is not the time to debate the sometimes questionable artistic and linguistic merit of many of the company's offerings. The LGBT Community & Allies really needs to rally to Hallmark's defense here and let them know that we really do care enough to support a company exhibiting the very best in fair play and equality for all Americans.
Thank You Hallmark Cards - we care and you are the very best
Send the Chairman of Hallmark Cards Mr. Donald Hall your own note thanking him for being fair-minded enough as well as having the business savvy to make products that include all different sorts of people, milestones and occasions (they also sell Coming Out Cards!). Hey, send him your note of appreciation on a regular Hallmark Card or Ecard.

Donald J. Hall, Chairman
Hallmark Cards
2501 McGee Trafficway
Kansas City, MO 64108
Phone: 816-274-5111 or: 800-425-5627
E-Mail: sgronb3 (at) hallmark (dot) com

Let's Tell American Greetings that bigotry is un-American as well as unprofitable
Send your DISAPPROVAL to American Greetings and their subsidiary Carlton Cards for refusing to sell LGBT orientated cards. In fact send your sentiments to them on a regular Hallmark Card or Ecard to get the point across.

American Greetings Corporation
One American Road
Cleveland, Ohio 44144-2398
Phone: 216.252.7300 Fax: 216.252.6778

Kudos to our good allies at GLBTadvocates.org for passing along the need for action, getting the data together and suggesting this wicked cool strategy of using Hallmark's products thank them for their inclusion while clearly showing American Greetings that they are backing the losing horse. [This post stolen from [profile] bialogue]


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