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So, according to Palin, McCain's main qualification and Obama's main disqualification is that John McCain was a POW and Obama was not.

You know, we should just amend the Constitution requiring that all candidates for President must have served in combat in the US Military. With McCain and Palin as Presidents for the next 12 years, we could ensure that most Americans will get that combat experience. And think of the economic boon as more and more communities see prosthetics manufacturing plants open up in their back yards.

Forget another cold war. We could just go head to head militarily with Russia, Iran, North Korea, and China. We know that wars generate jobs as the economy shifts to a war economy. If we defeat China militarily, we won't have to worry about paying them back the billions of dollars George Bush borrowed from them. Either way, the next few generations won't have to pay back the debt, because they'll be too busy getting shot to shit in wars so John McCain can overcome his feelings of inadequacy and helplessness he experienced as a prisoner of war. It will be much cheaper for us to have Medicare or the Veterans Administration pay for his PTSD counseling sessions. Oh, that's right, he won't fund Veterans care.

Fortunately, when McCain dies of natural old age, Palin will take the reins and probably try to amend the Constitution to eliminate the VP job altogether. Imagine the savings. She can't figure out what a VP does anyway. But we will have our first national bake sale to support fake family planning centers and spend billions to revoke a couple million dollars in nationwide domestic partner benefits.  And we will finally have Creationism and God as science instead of as a matter of faith.
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